30 January 2011

Drinkaware change their Drink Diary

As a registered Drink Diary user, we’re emailing to let you know about our new online tool: MyDrinkaware. It’s a bit special, as it not only lets you record what you’ve had to drink, it also gives you in-depth personal feedback on how drinking could be affecting different areas of your life. With MyDrinkaware you can:

* See how much less you’d need to drink to shift a few pounds.
* Track how much money you spend on booze.
* Set personal drinking goals and targets.
* See how long it would take to run off the calories in a typical night’s drinking.

And much, much more!

MyDrinkaware will replace the existing Drink Diary from January 31st, but don’t worry, any data that you’ve previously entered will be automatically moved across. Just log in to MyDrinkaware using your normal Drink Diary login details to continue your account.

MyDrinkaware will be available on your smartphone too, helping you record your drinking while you’re out and about. We’ll be in touch with more details on how to access MyDrinkaware once it’s up and running.

All the best,
The Drinkaware Team

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