9 January 2011

Catholic Club on Flint Street, Stockport

This is just a quick note. Recently, going out for a drink has not appealed to me too much. I find that writing software and spending time with the family can easily as relaxing. I took a ton of vitamins last night. By this afternoon, I had decided that I fancied a drink. I had a few sips of ginger wine on my quick walk. I had to hurry back because our lass needed to leave for work.

I enjoyed the short bus ride. Shortly after, I took my son to the Catholic Club on Flint Street, Stockport. It is more child-friendly than anywhere else in Stockport. It does not serve real ale on draught but I have almost dispensed with listening to the Camra con. I had a few Robinson’s smooth bitters and a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale. Newcastle Brown is a different drink to what it used to be. It is now drinkable.

Shortly after completing seemingly overdue work and a trip to the new Cooperative on Wellington Road, I put a magnificent meal together. It contained Angus beef mince, paprika, white pepper, oregano, chopped plum tomatoes, a touch of Philippine BBQ sauce, garlic, new potatoes, and added the crème fraiche in the last couple of minutes. I served this with Yorkshire Puddings. Kids love Yorkshire Puddings. I have enough food left to take to work tomorrow. Oh, my drink of choice was Hobgoblin.

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