28 October 2010

Masonic Lodge, Stockport

It was an excellent venue last weekend. There was a beer festival, with a lot of staff from Wales. It had an affiliation with Fancy a Beer Mate.There was a traditional Bavarian band, probably from Warrington. These chaps even played Thus Spake Zarathustra. I only wish I gave it my support sooner.

23 October 2010

Breakfast Beer for the weekend

A thought for the weekend, when there are: no customers to meet, no stoic colleagues to endure, no driving to be done, and a life to be enjoyed at your own pace, it is the right time for a breakfast beer. Although, the repressed Anglo-Saxon is repulsed by the idea, it does not stop the more civilised Bavarian. It is an excellent idea to combine a beer and a mountain-biking ride. Why not use the paths until you reach the wilds? Please steer well clear of roads, especially main roads. You might even want to visit a few pubs.

22 October 2010

Coming soon - myPUBGUIDE on Android

We have decided to create a myPUBGUIDE mobile phone application. We plan to launch this in the new year.