12 July 2009

Derby Beer Festival

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On 11 July 2009, I made a trip to the Derby beer festival. I intend to travel there again shortly.

Typically, I travel there from Stockport station. The journey was straight-forward, with only one change at Sheffield. I saw a few people that I recognised from Stockport. I spoke with them and walked a short distance with them, as they were not going directly to the festival.

Finding the Assembly Rooms on the marketplace, the location of the beer festival, was painless. It is a simple case of following Victoria Street onto the Strand.

There was a neglibable entry fee to the festival, a building with many floors. It had one of the best layouts that I have seen. Stalls and rooms were clearly marked.

Before I travelled down, I asked the festival organisers if I could take my son. Children are not encouraged to attend the festival. His response was such that I could take him. However, I would need to keep him in the foyer area. He never explained the size of the foyer. The foyer was wide and spacious. It contained a large seating area. He would have been quite comfortable there.

I spent much of my time in foyer area. I had taken my laptop with me but I did not find much scope to use it as I was engaged in conversation for much of the time. I did not remain there for the full duration of the Saturday afternoon session.

I had a few plans to visit an ale house such as the Brunswick or the Alexandra Hotel. Oddly, in the Alexandra Hotel, I met-up with the same chaps from Stockport that I had met earlier. After a period, we all returned on the train back home.