12 June 2009

Visit to Chester

Being familiar with Chester I thought it might be an idea to post about the child-friendly pubs that we used when we stayed there earlier this week. Typically when we arrived, we ate at the Forrest Arms, a Wetherspoons. It was clean. Staff were helpful and pleasant. The other customers were not tramps and general drunks, as some people might hint in their online articles. Beers were in excellent condition and more than reasonable in price.

After some sightseeing, it was time for the Marlbororough Arms. This building is well-known for its misspelled sign and a ghost story associated with that misspelling. I expect that it might receive a mention, along with other haunted Chester public houses, on GhostPubs.com shortly. Nonetheless, the beer, a choice of three Stonehouse Brewery brews, was around £2.50 per pint. The Wheeltappers (a wheat beer) was particularly notable.

The next morning, we had breakfast around 9:30am at the Forrest Arms. We did not fancy any alcohol at that time of the morning but do not let that stop you. Breakfasts were better than expected.

On the way back from the Wall remains, we ate at the Bear and Billet. This public house can fill up rather quickly, which is not surprising considering the food and ales on offer. I tried all the draught ales to settle for a roast hops brew. This went well my with the lamb and potato pie.


Curmudgeon said...

Sorry to be a pedant, but it's actually called the Forest House.

Philip said...

Well done - Here is the official listing: Forest House.

It is also absent from myPUBGUIDE too. I intend to include it.