15 June 2009

Stafford Beer Festival

The Stafford Beer Festival spans three days. It is to be held at the Gatehouse Theatre in Stafford. I will attend the evening session, 1800 to 2300 on Saturday 27th June 2009.

Tickets are easy to order from their website. There are no discernable free sessions. The entry fee for a member of the public is £2, with an additional £1 if you want your tickets posting to you. I am still awaiting my festival tickets through the post.

Thankfully, my train tickets arrived this morning. Typically, I ordered these through National Rail. There is still time to obtain advance tickets (£4.50 each way from Stockport, in my case). It is preferable to pay £9 instead of £30. I travel from Stockport at 1535 and leave Stafford at 2144.

The Gatehouse Theatre appears to be only fifteen minutes walk from Stafford railway station.

Anyway, I intend to post more on this topic nearer the event.

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