10 May 2009

Token Schemes

One might guess from the previous post that overall, I enjoyed the Macclesfield festival. However, the use of tokens strikes me as odd. This offered a disincentive for me as unused tokens would not be refunded. Indeed, as no cash exchanged hands beyond the reception area, I only bought two lots of tokens, at £5 each. I might be able to accurately predict the number of drinks that I may buy; or maybe not. In any case, I cannot easily know presciently the number of soft drink or sandwiches that my son may request. I have attended quite a few festivals in my lifetime. It just seems strange that I have never encountered such a scheme before. It feels almost dishonest, especially considering the historical use of non-convertible token schemes.


beerblogger said...

Hmm, in my (possibly more limited than your) experience, most beer festivals use tokens, and they will say at point of sale whether or not they're returnable (if not, ask).

I understand that you cannot know how many tokens you will spend on your son, but (a) at the token stall they must be able to give you the average price of a pint, everyone needs to know (or you can find out for yourself) and (b) you can buy more if you run out.

I'm confused! Are you saying you were not allowed back to the reception area to buy more? Or are you unhappy they were not returnable?

On a different note, I get strange amusement from trying to use up every single one of my tokens even if they are refundable, feels (by that stage in the evening) like I'm making a point. This can mean offering them to strangers who are short of a couple, or persuading strangers to donate some to me... anyway, that's just me I guess.


Philip said...

I asked about the exchange. One token per half pint. Each token was £1. Also, I inquired beforehand if these tokens were refundable. It is that these were not that irks me.

Incidentally, these were only sold in batchs of fives. Two lots shared with my son may not be enough; but three lots would have been irresponsible. Therefore, being able to pay directly in Sterling would have been a better option, at least for those with children.