14 May 2009

Strongbow: The best a man can get

Life is full of surprises. I left work early for an appointment with a GP. Apparently, both my cholesterol and blood pressure are fine. This comes as no surprise really when I consider my diet of freshly prepared food and proper beers when I when get the chance to drink. So I wanted to celebrate slightly, starting with the chippy. Then I headed home, passing several public houses and off-licenses in the Offerton area of Stockport. I kept thinking to myself that I have tried all those places and none were too spectacular, as I had tried those establishments before. I thought, I would save my efforts for the off-licence nearest my house, as none of these sell proper beer. I did entirely that, only to find that the off-licence just around the corner no longer serves beer. In fact, the shopkeeper informed me that even the John Smith’s goes out of date. Previously, I had bought some of the finest Three Rivers from there. I ended-up with a bottle of Strongbow and a few other items. It was £3.29. Are such places really likely to put proper beer pubs out of business? I wonder if the chippy I went to complains to his customers when they tell him that they buy oven chips from the supermarket.

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