26 May 2009

Mysterious emails from the Ignorant

Sometimes I wonder just how much revenue a public house loses by not keeping its information up to date on a pub directory, such as, myPUBGUIDE.com. The main website receives over a thousand unique human visitors per day, not from Google Adsense but from real high street British companies. It is a free resource, wholly funded by advertising. So there is nothing for publicans to pay.

We receive emails from users, i.e., prospective punters, who think that our email address is that of some pub or other. We get requests for menus, questions about whether we have an open fire, etc. We even receive CVs. I just do not understand people at times. Fair enough that someone must have a radically underdeveloped sense of reality to mistake our contact details for that of a pub house. However, in these days when pub owners are crying poverty, I would expect that they take every opportunity to promote their business. I do not understand people at times.

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