10 May 2009

My Macclesfield Festival Selection

These are drinks that I selected from the Macclesfield festival list. Needless to say, I did not drink a pint of each. I make my preferences quiet clear in the following descriptions:

Allendale’s Wolf: an excellent hoppy beer but no apparent trace of blackcurrant
Beartown’s Ginger Beer: an amazingly refreshing and noticeably gingery beer
Dunham Massey’s Chocolate Cherry Mild: a semblance of chocolate porter mouthwash with a hint of cherry and an aftertaste of dog breath
Hammerpot’s Madgwick Gold: an unpleasantly indistinctive and sweaty oral experience
Milestone’s Raspberry Wheat Beer: an exceptionally uplifting wheat beer with an overpowering taste of raspberry essence
Prospect’s Big Adventure: a clean and magically hoppy floral beer with a most pleasant resonance
Saltaire’s Hazelnut Coffee Porter: an easy nutty coffee roast porter
Traditional Scottish Ales’ Highland Fling: a non-distinct clammy beer

Hecks’ Blackeney Red Perry: a remarkable and refreshingly sweet strong perry

Westons’ Old Rosie: a heart warming and strong cider

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