30 May 2009

Family Friendly Festivals

I expect over the next day or two that my posts shall refer directly to the Stockport Beer Festival, at the risk of sounding one-dimensional. Of course, one does not need to live around the Stockport area to relate to what I write. It has implications for the other beer festivals as well as wider topics.

Yesterday, I attended the Friday afternoon session or what I have dubbed the family session. It is free on entry, starts early, and finishes early. I was surprised at how many of my friends had taken the day off work to attend that particular session. In some cases, they were deliberately attempting to avoid the higher fee of the Friday evening session as well as the crowds that come out on Friday evenings, whether to that session or not.

Also, I met Curmudgeon in there. We debated for around twenty minutes. We certainly did not agree on every issue. We did agree that debate is useful to produce a higher level of consensus and that the medium of blogging helps attain that. I shall leave aside areas of disagreement for another time. It was interesting to speak to the chap nonetheless and we would have credibly spoken for longer if we did not have other people to appease at the time.

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