21 May 2009

Blackpool Trip

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We went to Blackpool. Not everything went according to plan. Of the four public houses on my original list, I visited one: The Pump and Truncheon. Nevertheless, I did still stick with four public houses. There is far too much to do in Blackpool to sit around pubs all day.

The Pump and Truncheon was not the only public house that we found that serves real ale. There was one more: Uncle Peter Websters. It is, however, difficult to find real ale pubs in Blackpool. I did keep my eyes open too. The only other public houses we entered were the Counting House and the Hop. These were chosen out of convenience at the time.

The determining factor of whether we had any refreshments at any establishment was largely over if it was child-friendly. Impressively, Uncle Peter Websters advertises that it is child-friendly until 9pm. The Counting House allows children if parents buy meals. The Hop does not normally allow children. It was early so the barmaid made us welcome. Sadly, the Hop does not serve real ale on draught. This did not prevent me from drinking Strongbow, Guinness, and Green King IPA (smooth). These were sold at shockingly low prices.

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