1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year – This is the time of year when everywhere is closed, except for a few pubs for a handful of hours. Of course, many of these pubs are reserved only for those who have a local accent or have never been in the pub since they were barred last New Year. Both in some cases. Too many pubs are like badly run council estate pubs, irrespective of whether these establishments are even near a council estate. I can frequent a pub for a year, sit in the smoke room with a laptop and buy more drinks than three thick scroats in the bar. It is shocking how my custom is unwanted at this time of year. Meanwhile, Camra (microbrewery poor-me attitude support group and anti-consumer sovereignty bastions) wonder why pubs are closing and becoming Ghost Pubs! If I had more time I would be tempted to author a 101 reasons type of article. Incidentally, Tesco is open whereas my most cherished public house is not.

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Ale Fan said...

With you on the CAMRA comment!