10 November 2008

Calling All Pub Guide Providers

MyPubguide.com has been approach by several other pub guide providers. If you run a pub guide website of your own and you are interested in sharing datasets, webservices, APIs, etc., then contact us. We have some unique datasets that we could make available.

Ask the Landlord?

Frequently, we receive emails from your prospective customers asking for menus. We would easily be able to pass on these but we usually do not have your email address. From time to time, the pub phones numbers are incorrect and people tell us the phone number is actually a residence. Just think of how much revenue a landlord must lose as a result of not waking up to the internet. This could be a matter of urgency with Christmas around the corner and complaints that the Great British is dying.

Sometimes we get complaints from landlords that the comments on the websites are not overly kind. In seriousness that is not our problem; we encourage honesty. If a pub landlord is not making much of an effort then what else might one expect? However, when these comments are made in error then we try our best to correct such mistakes. Unfortunately, most landlords do not contact us; some do not even get back to us, despite it being of their interests.

We also get requests to promote public houses. So, if you are a landlord and you are not happy with how your pub is represented on this website or there is something we could do better then why not contact us?