20 October 2008

Our Data Quality Depends on Your Comments

Let us consider the data that MyPubguide.com keeps. How do you ensure that pub details are up to date? This is a tricky question. There is no guarantee that this can be attained 100%, with the current availability of information on the internet. So what sources do we use? How do we know that a pub has closed?

One source of data could be other online guides for pubs, restaurants, beers, etc. Unfortunately, all of these possible sources are subject to the same data quality issues as those experienced by MyPubguide.com. Presently, the main way that we get to know about a public house is from you, our users.

In future, another information source could be on the way. Indeed, one of the implications of Licensing Act 2003 makes local councils responsible for maintaining a list of licensed premises. Only a fraction of local councils currently make this available online. Some of the information is out of date. In addition, so far, there is no standard gateway or format of this data. This makes it difficult to query and transform.

So, it is down to you, our users, to tell us of any changes.

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