23 March 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all – I am feeling fatigued for some odd reason. I have not been over doing it with the beer. I have been taking it easy for a while. I would be tempted to venture out to a public house but it is Local Fool Day. This is the day when all outsiders (regulars or not) are excluded in favour of those who have not entered a pub since they were barred this time last year. This collection of splods often includes only kith and kin of those who work behind a bar. With such discrimination as this, it is no wonder that so many pubs are closing their doors.

14 March 2008

Under New Management

My Pubguide is under new management. We have agreed to continue the option to curse a public house. This option is available for each public house on our website. We hope that you have fun using this option.