4 November 2007

Wetherspoon Beer Festival: So Far So Good

On Thursday 1st November, I thought that I would take the opportunity to join in the JD Wetherspoon beer festival. Not long after 9am, I was enjoying two of my old favourites: Old Disreputable from 3 Rivers Brewery and Jouster from Goffs.

Later that day, I tried the Sneck Lifter from Jennings and Terra Firma from Everards. Despite the image of Wetherspoon being a public house chain with a wholly lumpen proletarian clientele, this was certainly not the impression that I experienced while at one of their establishments, the Stockport one.

The next day, I added the Banks's Salute and the Flying Shuttle from Thwaites Brewery. These are two excellent beers. However, this morning, I indulged in Old Slug Porter from RCH Brewery Centurion's Ghost from York Brewery. You might find a story about the centurion's ghost itself on a previous post of mine, failing that do a search for the old treasury near York Minster.

RCH Old Slug Porter - The slug has an endearing face. It looks a little that creature from farscape. It just had to have one after I had already drank two of prize beers. I am supposed to meet someone at the big Protestant Church but I have this thick and enticing dark beer in my midst.